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My experience with the Midwest Clinical Research trials has been nothing but positive. I have been participating for years.
The people involved (Dr. Onder, Liz, Ashley, Sarah, and Pat) have been so professional, but so down-to-earth and helpful. These people actually made the studies fun!
There was no pain, no stress, no inconvenience involved. In my opinion, my asthma has drastically improved. I rarely need my rescue inhaler!
I would recommend these studies to anyone, and I actually look forward to the next one.
P.S. The compensation rocks!
Thank you!


I am now in my 5th year of Medical Research under the supervision of Dr. Robert Onder. I continue to sign up for more medical research studies because of the friendly, considerate staff. I am in my late 60’s and they treat me with respect and are always kind. The knowledge that they provide to me about my disease is invaluable to me as a COPD patient as well. I tried another medical research firm last year when they had no studies available. I quit after 2 weeks due to the staff’s lack of knowledge of the program they were providing and that they didn’t really care about the patients. I highly recommend the Medical Research under Dr. Onder to anyone interested in helping others through your research and obtaining payment and medicine for your disease.


I am reasonably and fairly compensated for my time and travel. I am always greeted by cheerful competent staff. I feel the studies I have participated in are safe for my COPD. Thank you for Including me! It’s a win-win!

Jo Ann

Doctor Onder and his staff are awesome people who are very kind and professional. They definitely have your best interest in mind. I have been coming to Midwest Clinical Research for many years and highly recommend them to everyone.


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