Frequently Asked Questions

What is clinical research?

Clinical research is research involving new medications or other medical treatments, usually before the FDA approves the drug.

What type of clinical research center are you?

We are an outpatient clinical research center based in a large private internal medicine and allergy practice in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Our practice serves over 8,000 patients. Our clinical research center maintains an active database of patients interested in participating in clinical research.

What type of approach do you use?

Our investigators and clinical research coordinators have many years of experience in conducting clinical trials. Our entire staff is dedicated to meeting the special need of sponsors and contract research organizations for fast, efficient patient recruitment, compliance with protocol and regulatory guidelines and production of reliable data.

What are your research capabilities?

The Clinical Research Center has dedicated facilities for clinical research. Services available include pulmonary function testing, allergy skin testing, methacholine challenges, electrocardiograms, stadiometry, phlebotomy, laboratory sample preparation, specimen shipping, and storage of study medication.

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