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People participate in research studies at Midwest Clinical Research for many reasons. Volunteers for Phase II and Phase III trials may often gain access to promising drugs long before these compounds are approved for the marketplace. Volunteers also receive attentive care from the physicians during the course of the study.


Other questions to ask a MCR staff member should be:

  • How long is the trial?
  • What treatments will be used and how?
  • What is the trial’s objective?
  • Are there any risks involved?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the alternative treatments besides the one being tested in the trial?
  • Who is sponsoring the trial?
  • Do I receive compensation for volunteering?
  • Can I opt to remain on this treatment, even after termination of the trial?

To find out more about our ongoing and upcoming clinical studies, please call Midwest Clinical Research at 314-991-5117.

To find out more about our ongoing and upcoming clinical studies, please Fill out the form below or call Midwest Clinical Research at 314-991-5117.

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What Our Patients Say

My experience with the Midwest Clinical Research trials has been nothing but positive. I have been participating for years. The people involved (Dr. Onder, Liz, Ashley, Sarah, and Pat) have been so professional, but so down-to-earth and helpful. These people actually made the studies fun! There was no pain, no stress, no inconvenience involved. In my opinion, my asthma has drastically improved. I rarely need my rescue inhaler! I would recommend these studies to anyone, and I actually look forward to the next one. P.S. The compensation rocks! Thank you! Patti

I am now in my 5th year of Medical Research under the supervision of Dr. Robert Onder. I continue to sign up for more medical research studies because of the friendly, considerate staff. I am in my late 60’s and they treat me with respect and are always kind. The knowledge that they provide to me about my disease is invaluable to me as a COPD patient as well. I tried another medical research firm last year when they had no studies available. I quit after 2 weeks due to the staff’s lack of knowledge of the program they were providing and that they didn’t really care about the patients. I highly recommend the Medical Research under Dr. Onder to anyone interested in helping others through your research and obtaining payment and medicine for your disease. Nancy

I am reasonably and fairly compensated for my time and travel. I am always greeted by cheerful competent staff. I feel the studies I have participated in are safe for my COPD. Thank you for Including me! It’s a win-win! Jo Ann

Doctor Onder and his staff are awesome people who are very kind and professional. They definitely have your best interest in mind. I have been coming to Midwest Clinical Research for many years and highly recommend them to everyone. Dave

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